NCA election for 2nd Vice President voting begins soon (Jan. 13th, 2015)

NCA election for 2nd Vice President voting begins soon (Jan. 13th, 2015)! Let’s support Dr. Kramer!! We appreciate if you can help spread the word to others. Approximately 35% of NCA members are graduate students. With our network and passion, we can make a difference!

The following is the message from Dr. Kramer. Please feel free to forward or modify this message.

Since you are an active scholar in the field of communication I want to ask for your help. You may be aware that Michael Kramer, chair of the Department of Communication is one of the candidates for 2nd Vice President of NCA. He would consider it an honor to serve you and the NCA membership as the next 2nd Vice President and eventual president. If elected, he will try to improve NCA by focusing on these areas:

Improving NCA Governance so that the organization runs more effectively.
Improving NCA Conferences so the more people can participate by using innovative ideas like high-density sessions or using technology so those unable to attend can participate.

Support Diversity by allowing for the creation of more units and divisions that can meet virtually and better serve diverse interests and groups.

Support Diverse Career Goals since most members are involved in colleges and universities that focus on teaching more than research.

You can read a more complete explanation of these ideas at his website:…/…/NCA2015.html.

One of the easiest ways to help him make NCA better is to increase the number of members who participate in voting. NCA members will be able to vote online from January 13 to February 10.

I hope you will do some of the following things:

Vote immediately when you receive the email from NCA about the election next Tuesday. (It only takes a minute and procrastination often leads to abstinence.)
Forward this email or a similar message to at least 5 other members of NCA, perhaps faculty members, former students, current graduate students, or other colleagues. (This is not a chain letter–nothing bad will happen to you if you do not forward it.)
Post a Message on your personal Facebook page, your department webpage or Facebook page, or on your NCA interest group Facebook or webpage encouraging others to vote.

Less than 20% of NCA members usually vote in an NCA election. Please help me raise that percentage this year.
Michael W. Kramer
Candidate for 2nd Vice President of NCA
Professor and Chair
Department of Communication
University of Oklahoma


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