Eryn Bostwick

Zach Massey

Responsibilities: The CGSA Co-Chairs represent the concerns of Communication graduate students during communication faculty meetings and during joint faculty/graduate student meetings. The CGSA Co-Chairs are also responsible for providing guidance and/or support to CGSA committees and subcommittees and producing and distributing CGSA meeting agendas.


Marisa Saavedra Flores

Responsibilities: The secretary is responsible for maintaining the communication between and among the executive council and the members of CGSA. The CGSA Secretary is responsible for disseminating information to relevant graduate students at the request of CGSA officers and committee chairpersons. The secretary is also responsible for maintaining records of CGSA meetings and CGSA sponsored events as well as the officer election process.


Emma Wang

Responsibilities: The CGSA Treasurer is responsible for writing and submitting the annual budget proposal for GSS/UOSA organizational funding and adhering to university policies regarding organizational spending (i.e, including but not limited to those policies related to the disbursement of travel funds). The CGSA Treasurer is also responsible for preparing a financial annual report and chairing the departmental level travel grant committee.

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