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Sooner Communication Conference

The deadline to submit papers for the 26th Annual Sooner Communication Conference has been extended to January 20th, 2015. Please submit all papers, abstracts, and panel proposals to the following link: https://ousurvey.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_4JcuLCiaenPHdYh.  Below is the call for papers which includes more information about Sooner Communication Conference. If you have any questions, please e-mail Megan Bassick or Zach Massey at soonercomconf@ou.edu.


The 26th Annual Sooner Communication Conference

From Discourse to Action: Communication, Culture, and
Democracy in Contemporary Society

2015 Sooner Conference sponsored by

Communication Graduate Student Association at

The University of Oklahoma

6-7 March 2015

Norman, OK

Submission website: https://ousurvey.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_4JcuLCiaenPHdYh

Communication is a powerful social force. Our interactions impact behavioral change, relational development, and public policy. The 26th Annual Sooner Communication Conference theme addresses communication’s myriad influences in From Discourse to Action: Communication, Culture, and Democracy in Contemporary Society. The keynote speaker this year will be Dr. John Gastil, a renowned scholar whose teaching and research focus on public deliberation, group communication, political communication, public opinion, and jury behavior.

Dr. Gastil’s specific research interests transect political deliberation and group decision-making. His research on the Citizens’ Initiative Review aided in the evaluation of a novel type of public deliberation that should enhance initiative elections. Dr. Gastil is a principle investigator for the Jury and Democracy Project, which has explored the jury system as an important civic educational institution. Through work with Cultural Cognition Project, Dr. Gastil has investigated the role of values on the process of forming opinions and developing judgments. Dr. Gastil’s research has appeared in numerous journals, including Journal of Communication, Small Group Research, Social Science Quarterly, Law & Human Behavior, Journal of Applied Communication Research, and Human Communication Research. He has authored or edited nine books and over thirty book chapters. Dr. Gastil has served or is serving on the editorial boards of several journals, including Communication Research, Journal of Applied Communication Research, Journal of Communication, Journal of Public Deliberation, and Small Group Research *.

The Communication Graduate Student Association (CGSA) at the University of Oklahoma invites graduate and undergraduate submissions for its annual conference to be held March 6-7, 2015 on the Norman Campus. The Sooner Communication Conference is an OU CGSA organized event joining faculty and students from schools throughout the region and the nation. The Conference presents an opportunity for students and faculty to discuss developments in theory and research across the communication discipline and for students to fine-tune research papers for other conferences and possible publications. Gatherings like the Sooner Communication Conference constitute the heart and soul of what we are about as academics. Students who have been involved in past Sooner Conferences have found the experience to be invaluable and the relationships that were formed to be lasting.

Submission Guidelines
Submissions may include competitive research papers (including theory and position papers), case studies, panel proposals, round table proposals, or abstracts for works in progress. Scholarship on any topic relevant to human communication within various areas of the discipline is welcome. Top paper awards will be presented in the graduate and undergraduate divisions. Only completed competitive papers will be considered for awards. Completed papers from non-OU BA or MA students are eligible for $100 Travel Scholarships.

Submissions of completed competitive research papers and case studies should include: A title page with the author’s or authors’ institutional affiliation, complete with contact information, and student status (graduate or undergraduate); a 200-word abstract on the second page; and the completed manuscript.

Submissions of panel and round table proposals should include: A thematic title for the program, names, institutional affiliations, complete contact information, and student status (graduate or undergraduate) of all participants, names of chair and respondent (if any), and titles and 200-word abstracts for each presentation.

Submissions for works currently in progress should include: The authors’ institutional affiliation, complete contact information, and student status (graduate or undergraduate), and a two-page proposal. All work must meet the specifications of the APA manual (6th ed.).

All submissions should be received by January 20, 2015. For abstracts that are accepted, full manuscripts must be submitted by February 21, 2015. Please direct all correspondence to Megan Bassick or Zach Massey at: soonercomconf@ou.edu

Please Note: Submissions should be in the form of a Microsoft Word doc, Rich text format, or PDF attachment (scholarship submitted within the body of an email will not be considered.)

*Information retrieved from Penn State’s website

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  1. Graduate student receives award for research – News - Missouri State University

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